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Hull Repair

In the repair of your boat, we employ only the finest quality, locally sourced materials, and the structure is entirely built of high tensile strength aluminum extrusions.


Did you know we are a dealer of Hydroturf? Hydroturf is a high-quality traction pad that provides a good cushioned base for your boat. It also absorbs the heat so it is not as hot to touch. It also acts as a sound barrier between you & the water!

Trailer Repair

If your trailer is broken you won’t be making it to the water anytime soon. But don’t worry with our fast local repairs we will have you out and on the water in no time. With our high-quality fabrication & CNC plasma cutting services, your trailer will be better than new.

Custom Add-Ons

We can build and install a variety of boat gear, accessories, and add-ons for your existing boat. Including custom lights,  a custom paint job, hydro turf engraving, and so much more.

If you are interested in a certain install but do not see it listed on our website or if you have any questions about our repair or installation services do not hesitate to contact us!

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