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What Hybrid Can do

Check out our promo video and see what our 

Custom crappie fishing rig! This is a rig that these fishermen designed and we built for them!

Check out our promo video and see what our custom mud boats can do.

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Our Models

First of our new 2023 models, is the Timber Assassin! Our mud motor package includes a galvanized trailer and a 35-40 horsepower mud motor and hull package (design it like you want it). All offered from 15-20 feet FULLY CUSTOM. Series dictates the hull shape. Hulls above 20′ are available, but are special ordered. FULL BOAT motor trailer packages are available.

Timber Assassin Series

Turns on a dime, hole runner built light but strong. Interior layouts are totally customizable.

Coming soon

The VII Series

The absolute work horse, it can take abuse! Interior layouts are totally customizable.

Coming soon

Bottomland Series

Outboard rig of the new generation.  Interior layouts are totally customizable.

The New Delta Hull

The Interior is fully customizable.
This boat is designed to jump on plane quick in shallow water. Applicable to shallow water environments.

The Ultimate Bowfishing Design

One-off, fully customizable bow fishing boats.

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